Moroccan Magic Argan Oil-Infused Lip Balm Coming to CVS

Moroccan Magic Lip Balm Coming to CVS

Argan oil is the rage everywhere for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, so it is not surprising that Moroccan Magic, a USDA-certified a new lip balm infused with organic argan oil and essential oils, is coming to all 8000 CVS stores nationwide April 1.

CVS had given Moroccan Magic’s bestselling Peppermint Euclyptus a trial run in 1000 stores last March. Three weeks later, Kristina Tsipouras, who founded the company, was told they were going to launch the Peppermint Eucalyptus lip balm and its sister lip balm, Coconut Almond, in all of its stores in August 2017.


According to the press materials, the product delivers “an ultra-hydrating formula combining organic argan oil and essential oils. Moroccan Magic treats lips to revolutionary moisture coupled with toning and smoothing properties. Regarded around the world for its extraordinary anti-aging and conditioning benefits, argan oil provides effective treatment that’s quick absorbing and highly moisturizing. The aesthetic of Moroccan Magic appeals to men and women, alike. It is packaged in a sleek black .15oz tube, and offers an attractive and convenient way to aid dry lips.”

My Review

After testing the product, I agree. The scent of the Coconut Almond is pleasant; not overwhelming in the least. It is not a product that you taste and the balm itself feels moisturizing, not waxy as some lip balms do. The Peppermint Eucalyptus scent is stronger but definitely not a turn-off. In fact, its scent may be my favorite. I also tested the Lemon Thyme lip balm, this scent was the faintest. For that reason, I prefer the other two.

How it Started

After receiving a bottle of 100% argan oil, Tsipouras, was amazed by the moisturizing results of the oil on her lips and skin. She began experimenting with argan oil. She combined it with different ingredients and essential oils, only to discover the perfect formula for the ultimate argan oil lip balm.

Two years ago, she launched the product line on the website and at regional Whole Foods Markets. Now, the line has grown to CVS. Next, it will show up in Bed Bath & Beyond stores this October.

“In my opinion, if you’re eating organic, then you should be wearing organic products. Moroccan Magic is a hydrating, all natural lip solution for the health and beauty conscious consumer,” says Tsipouras. The lip balm has benefitted an array of users, she notes, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and celebrity makeup artist Claire Doyle. Both, she says, highly recommend the product.

Moroccan Magic lip balm is made in Iowa of all natural ingredients and is chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and USDA certified. It retails for $3.99. For additional information, visit

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