Perfect Flats for Problem Feet

Perfect Flats for Problem Feet

If you have problem feet, finding good shoes isn’t easy. That has always been my challenge. When I discovered I had plantar fasciitis and suffered with it for the first time finding shoes became even more complicated and I especially avoided all flats. I only purchased shoes with adequate arch support so that I would never have to endure that kind of pain again. Likewise, I had surgeries for bunions on both feet, only to have the bunions redevelop in later years. Because of the width of my feet, ballet flats are a definite no-go for me. They rub on my feet and are far from comfortable. Not surprisingly, flats are not something I find myself shopping for, let alone buying and loving. That is until I found Rothy’s, which makes the perfect flats for problem feet.

What is Rothy’s

Rothy’s is a relatively new company (or at least, new to me) that makes beautiful, sophisticated looking flats out of recycled water bottles. Initially, I was attracted to them when they popped up into my Facebook feed because, well, they are attractive. There was just something compelling about how they looked that I couldn’t resist. They didn’t look like your typical ballet flat. I also liked the fact that they are sustainable. While not the greenest person on the planet, I found that feature appealing, too.

I checked them out and discovered they are also machine washable. They recommend you remove the insoles prior to washing (suggesting you wash the insoles by hand when needed). Then, simply wash your shoes in a load by themselves on the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent without any bleach. Finally, let them air dry.

Lastly, because the insoles are removable, they can be taken out and replaced with a special orthotic for those of us with plantar fasciitis.

So far, so good. I’m liking everything about them. Then, I saw the price. Ouch! They are pricey with a suggested retail price of $125 for the round toe styles and $145 for the pointed toe. Naturally, I liked the pointed toe style the best. When I saw the price, I removed them from my shopping cart. Obviously, this purchase wasn’t meant to be.

Giving Them a Try

Yet, they still lingered in my mind. Finally, more than a month later, I broke down and bought my first pair with the rounded toe. They offer an array of colors, but I kept my purchase safe, opting for a solid black. When I received them, my first reaction was shock. Expecting a stiff, vinyl-like plastic feel to shoes made of recycled plastic; instead I found these to be very soft and supple. They are also extremely lightweight, so they are perfect for travel. Rothy’s website says they weigh seven ounces, which is lighter than a pair of flip flops. I purchased my normal size of 7-1/2 and found that size to be just right and not too tight for my problem bunions.

Perfect Flats for Problem FeetI was so impressed with my Rothy’s that I splurged on three more pairs, all with the pointed toe. Believe me, when I find a pair of shoes that fit, are comfortable and look good, I have to buy multiples. I see myself getting a lot of wear out of my Rothy’s as long as the weather is mild. Once it gets so chilly that I have to wear socks, I’ll put them away until the next season.

Perfect Flats for Problem Feet


What are your favorite shoes that hit the mark on fit, comfort and style?