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Jewelry Studio Storage for Finished Jewelry Pieces and Odds n’ Ends

As a jewelry designer, I’m always searching for storage. I need storage for my raw material–sheets of sterling silver and copper–along with wire in sterling silver and copper in all sizes and shapes. Then, there is the stone storage and bead storage. Oh, and let’s not forget tool storage. The list goes on and on. […]

Facebook Disabled My Account: What do I do next?

Saturday morning, February 26, I woke to discover that Facebook had deemed me a threat to society and had disabled my Facebook page for violating community standards.  I knew I was hacked and I immediately recognized the moment it happened, too. The night before I clicked on a relative’s photo and she hadn’t been on […]

Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Sometimes you need a little extra help to get motivated to face the new work week. Maybe it is a new project or a special event that motivates you to get out the door. When there isn’t something big to propel you forward,  it can be the little things that you look forward to. Perhaps a […]