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Moroccan Magic Argan Oil-Infused Lip Balm Coming to CVS

Moroccan Magic Lip Balm Coming to CVS

Argan oil is the rage everywhere for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, so it is not surprising that Moroccan Magic, a USDA-certified a new lip balm infused with organic argan oil and essential oils, is coming to all 8000 CVS stores nationwide April 1. CVS had given Moroccan Magic’s bestselling Peppermint Euclyptus a trial run in 1000 […]

Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Sometimes you need a little extra help to get motivated to face the new work week. Maybe it is a new project or a special event that motivates you to get out the door. When there isn’t something big to propel you forward,  it can be the little things that you look forward to. Perhaps a […]