Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Five Things to Motivate Your Monday

Sometimes you need a little extra help to get motivated to face the new work week. Maybe it is a new project or a special event that motivates you to get out the door. When there isn’t something big to propel you forward,  it can be the little things that you look forward to. Perhaps a trip to Starbucks gets you going on a Monday. For others, it is planning out a new wardrobe. For me, it is often deciding to wear a special piece of jewelry or even sporting a new lipstick that makes it easier to face the new work week. Here are Five Things to Motivate Your Monday.

Five things motivating me this week

This week I’ve take a look at my motivators and I’m sharing what propels me forward and energizes me to face upcoming projects with a renewed vigor. This week, I’m looking at wearing my favorite Bobbi Brown Art Stick Duo in Dusty Rose. I consider it the perfect pink. It gives you the true “my lips but better” look. Next, I’m also enjoying my new Too Faced Natural Love eye palette. Filled with matte shades and shimmers in natural colors, it makes for a natural, mistake-free eye look.

Finally, I’m adding some bling with Cheryl & Son’s Crystal Tassel Necklace. The leather cord is adjustable so you can wear it long, short, as a Y necklace or as a choker. It is versatile and dresses up even the simplest tank top. My favorite go-to bracelet is Cheryl & Son’s Wide Basketweave Bracelet, which goes with everything and looks great with the season’s short sleeves and sleeveless tops. I’m also wearing one of my favorite meditation rings, which is also handmade.

What motivates you to get going on a Monday?