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You can never had too many ideas for storing your jewelry.

Jewelry Studio Storage for Finished Jewelry Pieces and Odds n’ Ends

As a jewelry designer, I’m always searching for storage. I need storage for my raw material–sheets of sterling silver and copper–along with wire in sterling silver and copper in all sizes and shapes. Then, there is the stone storage and bead storage. Oh, and let’s not forget tool storage. The list goes on and on. […]

Jewelry storage: Display pins and brooches on a decorative pillow

pillow pin display storage

Want a simple idea for storing and showcasing your pins and brooches? Use a pillow. That is what I discovered after years of frustration. If I don’t see something, I don’t wear it. That can be a problem because if you are not a fan of clutter, you can’t necessarily keep everything you own in open […]