Custom cufflinks make a perfect gift

custom map cufflinks

When shopping for unique cufflinks for my husband, I stumbled about B*JeweledVintage, a shop on Etsy. I was searching for cufflinks and saw that the shop owner, Tammy Bastin, made custom cufflinks using maps that could feature the name of your city or town.

Since we had just moved into a new home, which we absolutely love, I thought my husband would appreciate cufflinks with our hometown on it, especially since we live in the historic downtown area. I placed my order, hoping I’d receive them in time for Valentine’s Day.

It didn’t take long, less than a week, and the cufflinks were shipped to me from Canada. When they arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. The map Tammy Bastin at B*Jeweled Vintage selected was so perfect! I couldn’t believe it but it nearly shows our cross streets.

All in all, it was the perfect gift and my husband loves them. These would be ideal as groomsmen gifts, graduation gifts or a gift for any number of occasions. I think they are perfect for women, too, as I have a couple of blouses with French cuffs in need of a nice cufflink.

I always like to promote other designers of handmade jewelry, so be sure to check out B*JeweledVintage, which makes and sells all kinds of vintage jewelry, the next time you’re on Etsy.