Jewelry storage: Display pins and brooches on a decorative pillow

pillow pin display storage

Want a simple idea for storing and showcasing your pins and brooches? Use a pillow. That is what I discovered after years of frustration.

If I don’t see something, I don’t wear it. That can be a problem because if you are not a fan of clutter, you can’t necessarily keep everything you own in open view. So how do you organize your jewelry so that it is easy to see when you’re getting ready in the morning?

Let’s start with pins and brooches. Keeping them in the generic boxes that they come in doesn’t help me, even if I try my best to label them. The numerous boxes are stacked in a drawer and I forget what they contain. I can’t see them and as a result, they don’t get worn.

Use a pillow

I’ve finally solved that problem with a creative idea that I got from my cousin, Judy. She liked storing her pins on a beautiful pillow.

Not a huge, ordinary pillow, but an extraordinary one made of fine fabric with exquisite embellishments. These days, you can find pillows like this as Pier 1, World Market, Hobby Lobby or any number of the places and they don’t have to be expensive. Just check them out.

Then, stick your pins into the pillow. Sometimes I fasten the pins to keep them secure but even that will slow me down when getting dressed in the morning. Now, I usually just stick the pins in the pillow. They are still safe and secure and I can remove them easily. Best of all, I see them every morning and they are quickly retrieved when I want them.

I’m looking for a fancier pillow. This one works, but I’m always on the lookout.

How do you store your pins? Any other good ideas?