French macaroon soaps make great gifts

French macaroon soap display

Want a lovely gift for a friend or family member? Do you want to treat yourself?

Look no further than Atelier Catherine Masson’s macaroon soaps. They are oh, so, so beautiful, smell wonderful, are luxurious and to top it all off, they look delicious, too!

The packaging is top notch. They are not inexpensive, so it is great that they come in a variety of sizes. A nicely boxed set of two hand soaps are 7.50 euros, which is about $8.15 in American dollars. These can be ordered online directly from France or if you’re in Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase, you can find them in France. That’s where I picked these three soap sets up that also included a couple of sachets. At Epcot, this set sells for $29.95.

But I couldn’t resist the biggie…a set of soaps in a beautiful round box that actually included a beautiful tea bag rest ($54.95).

French soap assortment

If you love these, but won’t want to order from Europe and if you won’t be going to Disney any time soon, you can find some macaron soaps on eBay and the prices are quite reasonable. I can’t speak for the quality, however. Then, again, I also found Two’s Company’s scented macaroon soaps at Elizabeth’s Embellishments located in Colorado, if you prefer buying high-end but domestic. The price is $13.95 for three in a gift box. Latika Body Essentials also sells a set of French macaron soaps. These come in a set of four in a gift bag and right now, they are selling them at a discounted price of $16.

As for Atelier Catherine Masson’s macaroon soaps…I don’t think if these will ever see water. These soaps are almost too pretty to use.

French soap display2

I almost prefer displaying them in an apothecary jar instead of putting them out for daily use. They add a touch of color as well as fragrance if you leave them in an open dish or jar.

French soap display1

What do you think? Do you have soaps that are too pretty to use? Who would you buy these for?