Etsy Find: Nail polish storage cabinet

Etsy Find: Nail polish storage cabinet

This kicks off a new series on the blog highlighting fun products I’ve found on Etsy that make life just a little sweeter. Today’s Etsy Find is a Nail Polish Storage Cabinet. Of course, it could also be used to store essential oils, it is really up to you. The cabinet is the work of Let There Be Wine, where owner and artist Kerri Anne, makes these wonderful cabinets by hand.

Etsy Find: Nail polish storage cabinet

I ordered mine around Christmastime and Kerri Anne completed in about a month to my specifications. While Kerri Anne has several cabinets available in her Etsy shop, she will create a custom cabinet for you. You can choose the size and color, both inside and outside.

She markets the cabinets as unique storage for essential oils and she provides accurate counts and measurements as to how many bottles you can fit on a shelf. However, I decided to use it for nail polish in an effort to go vertical with my storage rather than take up precious drawer or counter space. I chose one of her standard cabinet sizes that is 28″ high x 18″ wide x 3″ deep. This particular cabinet has six shelves measuring 15 1/2″ wide by 1 3/4″ deep, and there is 3 5/8″ in between the shelves. She estimates that it will hold as many as 66 up to 84 bottles of essential oils, depending on the size. Having bottles of nail polish that are both small and larger, I figured this would fit my needs just fine.

The Process

Because I couldn’t decide between her antique white cabinet or the turquoise color she offered, I went for both. First, I asked that my exterior to be painted in antique white and the inside in turquoise. Then, while there are similar cabinets that use glass doors, but I preferred the door have chicken wire, which was how it was originally shown. Finally, Kerri Anne asked me to choose my style of knob.

Etsy Find: Nail polish storage cabinet
Contrasting colors inside and out. Image Copyright Let There Be Wine
I think having the turquoise inside really makes the cabinet pop. Image Copyright Let There Be Wine

It’s been couple of months now and I love my cabinet. It holds my nail polish collection and frees up space on my countertop and in my drawers. It is one of those things that make life just a little sweeter.

Thanks Let There Be Wine!


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